What are E-Bikes

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Electric bikes (e-bikes) are a relatively new, environmentally friendly, easy and fun mode of transport. E-bikes are not merely bicycles with motors, but have integrated motors whilst retaining the ability to simply be pedalled by the rider. The motor's there to ease the burden of pedalling when you choose, making it easier to go up steep hills or cycle into headwind, and it will help you cycle further, with less effort, than you could on a regular bicycle.
They are classed according to the power of the electric motor and general classification is dictated by whether the e-bike’s motor assists the rider using a pedal assist system, commonly known as a pedelec, whereby the motor is regulated by pedalling, or by power-on-demand where the motor is activated by a throttle..

Key benefits of E-bikes -
E-bikes have all the features of a ‘normal’ bike, with the added benefit of a motor and propulsion system which gives you extra power when you need it. The electric bike motor is rated for 250W output, normally regulated to up to 25km/hour.

You decide how much power you want to engage by choosing your level of pedal assist. Some bikes feature regenerative braking, charging the battery as you engage the brakes.

E-bikes open up a whole world of possibilities even for those who are not 100% physically fit. A whole new world of destinations becomes available, enabling you to reach places that would normally require a strenuous hike, or car, to get to otherwise. You can plan longer and more ambitious rides, choosing to use your own pedal power on the way if you wish, knowing you can cruise home with more support if you need it

Those unfamiliar with electric bikes are often surprised in the huge variations in performance and feel that are on offer.

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